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Ultratech Model 1700 MVS

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Condition: Refurbished
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The Ultratech Stepper 1700 MVS features:

  •  Machine vision alignment
  •  Large depth of focus
  •  Multiple fields per reticle
  •  1.4um or optional 1.0um resolution
  •  Automatic site-by-site alignment
  •  Air probe electronic focus detection
  •  Flexible field size
  •  Wafer thickness compensator
  •  Broadband exposure (g/h-line)
  •  High wafer plane irradiance
  •  3 X 5 x 0.090 or 5 x 5 0.090 inch reticle


  •  Wafer Size:  3", 4", 5", 6", or 8"
  •  Loader type: Automation/Manual
  •  Machine Vision: PatMax
  •  Computer: PC Controller w/Hard Disk
  •  Depth of Focus: 3.0 ums @1.0um lines
  •  Depth of Focus: 7.0 ums @1.4um lines
  •  Uniformity: 2.5%
  •  Reticle Size 3" x 5" x 0.090"
  •  Maximum Area 34.2 x 13.6 mm
  •  Maximum Aspect: 39 x 11.4 mm
  •  High wafer plane irradiance
  •  Maximum Square 18 x 18 mm




Ultratech Stepper 1700 MVS  

This 1700 has a full size primary mirror with adjustable N/A so that it can be configured for sub micron resolution or stopped down, yielding massive depth of focus for shooting large geometries into thick photo-resist. Most used 1700ABS systems have a tiny primary mirror with fixed N/A. We can install Pico probes to allow focusing on row bar applications or standard round air probes, which provide better focus resolution on flat substrates.

With WAS and MVS alignment systems installed, this machine is very versatile. We can provide automation autoloaders for all wafer sizes up to 6” and provide a manual loader for 8” wafers and special shaped substrates.

This machine uses the newest PC computer running windows 2000 and rev 2.7 operating software. It represents the latest offerings from the OEM and is an outstanding value over buying a new 1700 MVS.


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17 Hangar Way
Watsonville, CA 95076

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UTS 1700 ABSUTS 1700 ABS
The UTS 1700 MVS is available with an Automation or Manual Loader.
The Ultratech Stepper 1700 MVS is the most widely used thin film head (TFH) lithography tool for high-volume manufacturing used today. It incorporates an advanced machine vision system and custom software designed for rowbar level processing. The 1700 MVS recongnizes and automatically aligns to preexisting features, which eliminates the need for special targets. Available with automation or manual loader.
Ultratech Stepper 1700 ABS