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Ultratech Model 1500 MVS

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Phone: ( 831 ) 722-7173
Condition: Refurbished
Serial #: 1522

The Ultratech Stepper 1500 MVS features:


  •  Lens- 1.0um
  •  Illumination field size 39 x 18
  •  Light pipe type-Flys eye
  •  Field size- 39 x 18
  •  MVS Type- Cognex, series 2 bridge
  •  Reticle stage type- 3 x 5
  •  Computer type-362
  •  HPL, OS Rev 7.3.2., A.4.1 D
  •  Air probe type-Round
  •  Theta stage type- WTC
  •  Wafer chuck size, type- 6" oblong, steel with frosty OAT
  •  Loader type-Manual loader, 6"

* Machine can be configured to any wafer size and loader type




Ultratech Stepper 1700 MVS  

The Ultratech Stepper 1500 MVS is one the most widely used thin film head (TFH) lithography tools for high-volume manufacturing used today. It incorporates an advanced machine vision system and custom software designed for rowbar level processing. The 1500 MVS recongnizes and automatically aligns to preexisting features, which eliminates the need for special targets. Available with automation or manual loader.


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Ultratech Stepper 1500 MVS
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